ProFlash version 1.0 ProCue 1m1 upgrade utility for PC
At the moment the flash utility is only available for PC. We will make a Mac version as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay.

How to upgrade ProCue 1m1

Firmware 2.4E (1-20), ZIP For serial numbers 1m1A0001-1m1A0020
Firmware 2.4E (22+), ZIP For serial number 1m1B0022 and above

Firmware 2.4E adds bar countoff and right edge adjustment features. Digital Performer markers will trigger a white streamer. Two new characters in the TEXT generator ( ! and ? ). Bug fixed regarding inverted velocity On/Off.

NOTE: Auricle users must upgrade to
Auricle version 2.h3 or later to maintain bar
counter compatibility.
ProCue 1m1 Manual (Download PC = ZIP)

ProCue 1m1 Manual

(Download MAC = SIT)
Windows driver for V24s ZIP
What is Picture Cueing? (MS Word 2.5 Mb)
What is Picture Cueing? (PDF 1.7 Mb)
Get Acrobat Reader Used to read the PDF files on this page